Game Rentals in Morris County, NJ

  • Giant Jenga
    Bringing you excitement and suspense. Each piece is that much bigger, and so is the fun you’ll have when you try to force your opponents to topple a teetering tower that can reach more than 4 feet!
  • Giant Connect Four
    Giant 4 in a Row Connect Game, Storage Carry Bag  4 Feet Wide X 3.5″ Feet Tall – Oversized Jumbo Sized Entertainment for Outdoor/Indoor Play for Kids & Adults – Durable Waterproof
  • Corn Hole
    Game in which small bags filled with dried corn are tossed at a target consisting of an wooden platform with a hole at one end.

Package for all 3 games $125

Dunk Tank

Includes 3 Balls
500lb Water Capacity
Have fun dunking your friends, family, teacher etc..
In this summer fun activity

Giant Yard Pong ( aka beer pong )
Fun! Fun ! Fun !

Instead of the classic tiny red solo cups this game makes use of GIANT  buckets and oversized sized “ping pong balls.” To play,
6 buckets are set up in a pyramid formation on each side 10 feet apart.
Each player gets an oversized ball to shoot once per turn.
Every time a bucket is made the bucket is removed.

Classic Horseshoes

Old time favorite competing to get horse shoe around pegs. No party is complete with this timeless yard game.

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